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Haitian-American Relief Effort for flood victim in Haiti and Hurricane Frances victims in Florida

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Haitian-Americans in Miami Relief Efforts for Flood Victims in Haiti - Task Force Created to Help Victims of Hurricane Jeanne - 2,500 bodies found by town and over 1,000 reported missing in Artibonite region and Port de Paix. So far, U.S Government Response to catastrophe is weak at best. 325,000 reridents are facing with the daunting task of survival and rebuilding their lives. As water receeds more bodies are being discovered over 100 miles away from the disaster area.
Community Leaders met on Monday, September 20, 2004 to devise plan to secure assistance for flood victims. Bank account and drop-off points created to garner assistance for Haitian victims of Hurricane Frances in Palm Beach County, Fort Myers and Naples Florida. Relief effort will collect non perishable food items to be shipped to CARITAS and the Haitian Red Cross in Port-au-Prince. Haitian Clergy, Haitian-American Elected Officials, and Civic Organizations to meet on Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at 12:00 noon at Siant-Paul Church 6744 North Miami Avenue Miami to expand the relief effort in the State of Florida and designed logistics to ship collected commodities to Haiti. Flooded areas has now become a major public health catastrophe as contagious disease begin to spread in the general population. Miami-Dade County Government will dispatch a team of experts to bring assistance to the victims

United Information Officer Toussaint Congo-Doudou has reported that he has counted over 250 bodies in the morgue in Gonaives, the third largest City in Haiti.  Several victims were seen at the roof tops of their houses and waiting to be rescued by local authorities.   At this time, approximately 325,000 people in the Artbonite Region are reported homeless. 

In the meantime in Washington DC, New York and in MIami, Haitian-Americans are garnering their resources to come to the rescue.  In june this year, over two thousands people were reported killed in Mapou and other neighboring towns. 


The Lambi fund has launched an initiative for an emergency relief effort for its development programs in Haiti.  Donations can be send to Lambi Funds to P.O Box 18955 WAshington DC20036, Contact Karen Ashmore.

The Haitian Task Force Emergency Relief Fund is collecting non-perishable food commodities, fist -aid kits, and donations at different drop-off points in LIttle Haiti, MIami.  THe drop-off points are: Saint-Paul Church at 6744 N.E 2 Avenue, Miami;  Telephone contact Father FRitz Bazin 305-758-8546; George William Enterprise at 4586 N.E 2 Avenue, MIami, Fl.  33137.  Contact George William at 305-576-7768; Haitian Women of MIami at 8320 N.E 2 Avenue, MIami, Fl.  33138.  Contact Marleine Bastien at 305-756-8050.   City of Miami at 444 SW 2 Avenue Conference Room 5th Floor.   In Miami _Dade County, the Regional Libraries are drop-off points for also for those willing to donate commodities.  A major airlift to bring medicine and food supplies to affected areas is being orgainized by the Task-Force.  This list will be updated on a daily basis as more drop-off points become available.  <b>

Cash Donations can be sent to: <b>



7900 NE 2 Avenue

Miami, Florida 33138


Account Number:   005487380296 Bank of America

For more information on the relief effort to help victims of Tropical Storm Jeannne, in Haiti, Hurricane FRances in Florida (Palm Beach, Fort Myers, and Naples) contact Jean R. Lafortune at 305-785-4248 or send check or money order to the Haitian Relief Fund Address above.   


In New York, similar efforts to assist the victims are taking place via Konbit Gonaivien Relief Fund.  This organization has open a relief fund with Chase Manhattan Bank in New York.  SEnd donation to following account number 032071605465. <B>

The drop-off points in New York are the following: <B>

1653 Pitkin Avenue - Brooklyn New York 11212

3524 Avenue H. - Brooklyn New York 11210

Radio Soley - Nostrand Avenue - Brooklyn New York

For the New York Relief Fund, contact Ivans Morisseau at 917-604-2390.  Mr. Morisseau is collecting cash donations and commodities in New York Metropolitan Area. 





The Aide of the Mayor of the City of North MIami, Joseph Celestin, said the Mayor will call Governor Jeb Bush for assistance. The Prime MInister of Haiti, Mr. Gerard Latortue has declared 3 days of morning to pay respect to hundred of victims of the Jeanne Tropical Storm. In Miami, Congressman Kendrick Meek has requested the Bush Administration to send help right now to Haiti. The Haitian Prime Minister adses Haitian-Americans in Miami to focus more on fundraising efforts and collection of cash because the roads leading to the disaster areas are in very bad shape and transportation can be a problem. He said he can not not give any guarantees that all the relief supplies will pass thru customs free of charge. He named the Minister of Interior Mr. Herard Abraham as the coordinator in charge of the operation that has to do with relief assistance.

To send word of sympathies to Haiti and Haitian-Americans in the UNited States send messgaes to :  www.Haitian-Advocacy@yahoogroups.com

In the New York Times' Saturday, September 25, 2004 edition, the paper shows a desperate population struggling to get back to its feet. In the meantime, some bandits have reportedly hijacked some U.N trucks full with food commodities heading to the distribution centers. It has been reported that the food taken by the bandits are being sold now in the open markets. In the meantime, women, children and other vulnerable groups are left to fend for themselves. On Saturday, September 21, 2004, Haitian-Americans in South Florida have shipped 3 containers of food and clothing commodities to the Artibonite region. At this time, it appears that more aide is needed in order to prevent a large scale starvation in the Artibonite region. The smell of death is everywhere as emergency workers try to remove bodies and animal remains in order to reduce the spread of cholera, typhoid and other contagious diseases within the general population. If your community or your organization is organizing a local initiative to participate in the relief effort, send notification to the e-mail below.