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Implementation of Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act and General Accounting Office Seventh Report on HRIFA

Haitian-American Relief Effort for flood victim in Haiti and Hurricane Frances victims in Florida

How to apply for a Haitian passport and Cutoff Dates for Immigrant Visas - March 2003 US Embassy Consular Section

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Haitian Refugee Hearing-Dina Paul Parks

Haitian Refugee Hearing-Marie Jocelyn Ocean before U.S Senate Immigration Subcommittee

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Slide Show - March on Washington DC

Redistricting in Little Haiti-the Fair Representation Project-A quest for self-governance

Bush Administration and Haitian Refugees Containment Policy - Update on Haitian Refugees at Krome

Haitians in South Florida to celebrate Haiti's Bicentennial in 2004

Report of the U.S State Department on Haitian Refugees

How to apply for a Haitian Passport
Haitian Passports are issued to citizens of Haiti and Haitian nationals only
If you are planning to travel abroad soon , do not wait until the last minute to apply for a passport. The Consulate does no longer renew the old had-written passports.

It is important that you verify that always have a valid passport.

Application Requirements:

I.- Proof of Citizentship:
Previous passport or original birth certificate (if not available, an exerpt from the Haitian National archives.)

If you claim Haitian citizenship through birth outside of Haiti to Haitian Parents, submit a Consular Certification of Birth or your foreign birth certificate, parents's marriage certificate, proof of citizenship of your parents. for example , individuals who were born in the Bahamas of Haitian parents after July 9, 1973.)

II.- Four passport photographs 2X2 inches taken within the last 6 months

III.- Money order or cashier check for .00 payable to the Embassy of Haiti in Washington DC

IV.-Proof of Identity
Either your alien registration card, your driver's license or state ID.

V.- A passport application form duly filled and signed by the applicant

note: All passports are issued for five years. No renewal is accepted.

Allow 15 working days for the issuance of a passport. In a case of emergency, allow 5 days for additional fee of 30.00 dollars.
This info is a courtesy of the Consulat General de la Republique d'Haiti Miami, Florida.

For further inquiry, you may call the Haitian Consulate in Miami at 305-859-2003
Address: 259 Southwest 13 Street - Miami, Florida 33131


You have the right to work, so said the Civil Rights Division of the United States Justice Department. What do you need to know to fill out the I-9 Form?
You can choose which documents to present as proof of your right to work in the United States, as long as these documents are included in the list to the right. Employers can not demand to see specific documents such as "green card" and they can not refuse to accept the documents that you present.

The documents you show must establish two things: your identity and your right to work in the U.S. One document from group A is enoughto prove both identity and work authorization. If youdo not present one of these documents, you must show one document from group B to establish your identity and one document from group C to establish your work authorization.

An employer cannot hire refuse to hire you because your work aythorization has an expiration date. Your employer must verify your work authorization by asking to dsee valid work documents on or before the expiration date. For this confirmation of work authorization, you can also choose which documents to present to the employer.

Group-A Documents
Documents proving both your identity and work authorization

.- U.S Passport - expired or unexpired
.- Certificate of citizenship - N-560 or N-561
.- Certificate of naturalization - N550 or N-551
.- Unexpired Foreign Passport, with I-551 stamp or
attached INS Form I-94 indicating unexpired
employment authorization
.- Alien Registration receipt card with photography
.- Unexpired Temporary Resident Card-I-688
.- Unexpired Employment Authorization Card - I-688A
.- Unexpired re-entry permit -I-327
.- Unexpired Refugee Travel Document - I-571
.- Unexpired Employment Authorization
.- Document issued by the INS which contains a
photograph- I-688B
.- Employment Authorization Card - I-766
  New initiative for Haitian immigrants in the U.S House of Congress: Bill HR-707 and Bill HR-348.
In February this year, Congressmen Cris Smith Republican, from New Jersey and Luis GUtierrez from Illinois, a democrat, reintroduced the Central American and Haitian Adjustment of 2001. If enacted by Congress, this legislation will allow some 200,000 Haitian Nationals in adjusting their immigration status in the United States.

A delegation of the Haitian-American Grassroots Coalition will travel to the Capitol Hill in order to create awareness for this legislation. On Tuesday September 25, 2001, a national rally is being organized to create attention on the plight of a wide legalization program for undocumented immigrants already in this country.

Announcement from the US Embassy Consular Section in Port-au-Prince - Haiti as of March 2003
In order to better serve Haitian Nationals throughout the United States, the Haitian-American Grassroots Coalition maintains a positive relationship with the United States Embassy and Consular Section in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Periodically, they send us updated information designed to educate our constituents nationwide.

As of March 2003, the Embassy has published new cutoff dates for Immigrant Visas

F1 Unmarried Son/Daughter of American Citizen
June 22, 1999

FX Spouse or child less than 21 of LPR
July 1, 1995

F2A Spouse or child less than 21 of LPR
DEcember 8,1997

F2B Unmarried Son/Daughter more than 21 of LPR
July 1, 1994

F3 Married Son/Daughter of American Citizen
February 22, 1997

F4 Brother/Sister of American Citizen
March 8, 1991

For information on both non-immigrant and immigrant visas, andspecific information ion immigrant visa cases, contact the Consular SEction:
by phone: 229-5001 (from Haiti)
1-900-740-2842 (from USA)

by e-mail: www.papcons@state.gov

By mail:

U.S Mailing Address: US EMBASSY Port-au-Prince
Consular Section
3400 Port-au-Prince, Place
Washington DC, 20521 - 3400

Haiti Mailing Address: US EMBASSY, Consular Section
104, RueOswald Durand
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
For information on passports, reports of birth, reports of death, notarial services andother American Citizen Services, contact

website: http:/usembassy.state.gov/haiti
US Poverty Guidelines
Family Size: Income 100% Income 125% 1 ,990 11,225

2 ,120 15,150

3 19,075

4 ,400 23,000

5 ,540 26,925

6 ,680 30,850

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South Florida on the move in advocating for immigrants' rights
The Haitian-American Grassroots Coalition an umbrella of 24 local organizations in South Florida and the Pan-American Coalition another umbrella group of 15 countries from South and Central America will coordinate a rally in front of the INS MIami Office District located at 7880 Biscayne Boulevard. This rtally is get the attention for members of Congress to enact a wide and comprehensive immigration reform to legalize well deserving immigrants from Mexico, Haiti, Central and South America who are already living in this country.

The event will be held:

Wednesday, September 5, 2001
3:00 P.M
Across 7880 Biscayne Boulevard

Later this month, the Haitian American Grassroots Coalition in coordination with Minority Development Incorporated will do a symposium on illegal immigration and the need for a wide legalization program.

This event will be held:

Friday, September 14, 2001
Sun Sentinel Auditorium Las Olas Boulevard
Dowbtown Broward County

On September 24 to September 28, 2001, a delegation of the Haitian GRassroots Coalition will be Washington Dc this time visit several members of the U.S Congress and officials at the STate and Justice Department in order to advocate for more fair immigration policy for immigrants.

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