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Haitian-Americans Plan Haiti Bicentennial Commemoration in Miami in 2004. A South Florida Steering Committee created by a recent resolution of the City of Miami will coordinate all the major events for the whole year. As part of a prelude to 2004, Congressman Kendrick Meek will introduce a resolution in the U.S Congress to acknowledge the month of May as the Haitian Heritage Month. As part of activities to take place on the occasion, is the unveiling of a 10 feet high bronze statue of Toussaint Louverture to be erected in the heart of Little Haiti at 62 Street and North Miami Avenue. The unveiling is scheduled to take place in April 2004.
After 200 years of self-determination, Haitians still yearn for real freedom. As 2004 nears, Haitian-Americans in Miami in collaboration with several local and state governments are working to pay tribute to the Heroes of Haiti's Independence in 1804. A wide range of activities will be taken place during 2004, including a trip to Haiti , "Cruising into History" promoted by the Ron Daniels of the BLack World Today, lecture series in several universities, cultural exposition and performance, books signing, and reflection on 2004. A question for you, knowing all the tribulations and miseries of the Haitian people throughout the last 200 years, would Haiti be a better place today by negotiating for its independence rather than earning it through 13 years of a violent revolution to create the first black republic in the world and the first latin -american nation in History?

A little bit of patience. This page is still under construction. It will be updated as more information becomes available. The Mayor of the City of Miami, Mr. Manny Diaz, Commisioner Arthur E. Teele Jr, the Little Haiti reprepresentative in the City have already taken the lead to engage all the government entities in South Florida to engage themselves in this celebration.

If you have possible suggestions or contributions you wish to share with the Haitian-American Grassroots Coalition for the Haiti Bi-Centennial Independence, send e-mail or go the guest book in this site. As part of the steering committee, the Coalition wants to make sure there is maximum input from Haitians and others in organizing those activities. Haiti's celebration does not belong excusively to any political organization,social or civic group it is rather a heritage left to the world to celebrate as a triumph of the slave over his masters, the weak over the powerful and blacks over whites.

On October 20, 2003, the Miami and South Florida Haiti Bicentennial Coordinating Committee for the first met to discuss plans and projects for January First, 2004.

The City of Manager has appointed a full time Staff and two community liaisons to the Coordinating Committee, the Mayor Manny Diaz has appointed a representative, MIchelle Spence, and Commisioner Atrthur E. Teele Junior has appointed Michelle Joseph.

So far several activities are now being discussed to be implemented by the Committee.  The immediate revitalization of the area of Little Haiti in term of neighborhood beautification, infrastrustures, and the unveiling of a monument honoring Haitian Heroes of the Revolutionary war.  A location known in Miami as "Kafou Kamoken" has been already identified to place the bronze statue.

In its budget hearing this year, the City of Miami has already appropriated a total of  ,000.00 (two hundred and fifty thousand dollars) earmarked towards the Commemoration and festivities of the Haitian Independence Bicentennial.  A logo contest is being held by the Coordinating Committee to find haitian graphic artists to design its Haitian Becentennial logo.  To compete in the logo design, interested parties can call Marc Paul at 305-975-7759 or send e-mail to Emile Viard at Emileviard@aol.com

Competition is open nationwide to all Haitian nationals.